Ani Kulkarni

Senior Scientist, CSIRO, Melbourne

Title: A Highly Efficient, Economical and Scalable Renewable Technology for Hydrogen, Ammonia and Blue Fuels Production

Dr. Kulkarni is a Senior Scientist in CSIRO Energy. His work focuses on the design and development of low-cost and long-life materials and device fabrication processes for clean energy generation and storage. He has developed several novel materials for solid oxide electrolytic cells for efficient energy conversion, and hydrogen and renewable fuel generation.

Currently, he is managing high-stake projects in hydrogen generation and utilisation with multiple overseas and local industrial and academic partners. He is also a key team member in other large CSIRO initiatives in hydrogen and renewable energy space.

He obtained his M.S. and PhD from the New Mexico Tech in the USA and joined CSIRO in 2009. He has authored/co-authored several technical publications including journal papers, invited reviews, book chapters and patents. He has been the keynote speaker in various conferences related to emerging electrochemical technologies.