Event Date: November 13-15, 2024


Welcome to the Renewable Energy Conference in Australia! We're excited to have you join us in Melbourne for the Energy Oceania Conference 2024. This conference aligns with the global shift towards decarbonization for a sustainable future and delves deep into the global surge in renewable energy demand and its positive socioeconomic impacts. This trend has prompted significant investment worldwide, but there are still opportunities yet to be fully realized. However, it is crucial to acknowledge that the widespread adoption of these technologies poses challenges to existing infrastructure and systems. Fortunately, the Energy Oceania Conference 2024 is dedicated to addressing and overcoming these challenges. The conference will provide delegates with the chance to explore the latest innovations, government policies, and project developments propelling the transition toward sustainable energy sources. With esteemed speakers and a diverse range of activities, including Poster Presentations, Peer-to-Peer meetings, Business-to-Business meetings, and Industry Booths, Energy Oceania 2024 guarantees an enriching experience for all participants. We invite you to join us in Melbourne for this pivotal gathering in the renewable energy sector, where together we can contribute to a greener and more sustainable future.

Renewable Energy Landscape in Australia: A 2024 Market Report

Australia's renewable energy sector is experiencing remarkable growth, buoyed by its vast natural resources and supportive regulatory environment. With ample solar radiation, robust wind resources, and extensive coastlines suitable for wave power generation, Australia has become a hotbed for renewable energy innovation. This expansion is further propelled by cutting-edge technology, robust legal frameworks safeguarding intellectual property, and financial incentives facilitating project development and investment. In the year 2023, Australia surpassed its annual targets by producing 39.4% of its electricity from renewable sources. Driven by this success, several Australian states and territories have committed to even more ambitious goals, aiming for an 82% share of renewable energy by 2030. This emphasizes Australia's ideal ecosystem for renewable energy growth, fostering innovation and attracting investment. It underscores that the motivation for adopting renewables goes beyond ethics, now driven by their strong commercial viability.

Featured Speakers

Global Renewable Energy Meet

Theme: Embracing a Global Paradigm Shift towards Decarbonization


PRISM and ENERGY OCEANIA committee takes the privilege to invite clean energy enthusiasts across the globe to be a part of our annual flagship meeting “The Global Renewable Energy Meet during November 13-15, 2024 in Melbourne, Australia.

Energy Oceania 2024 pitches a constructive dialogue on addressing the pathways to drive future innovations towards clean energy with a thought-provoking agenda of stimulating discussions and debates by leading global experts who will bring a wealth of experience from all over the world. The attendees can access the latest technology and trends relevant to those working or investing in the renewable sector.

Energy Oceania 2024 brings together an amazing international group of scientists, engineers, academic experts, policymakers, entrepreneurs, business leaders, and scholars to exchange new ideas and research outcomes in related fields. The Day-to-Day schedule incorporates discussions on innovative notions, B2B meetings, and multitudinous opportunities for capitalists, stakeholders, investors, and other industry executives to enhance their connections and forge new collaborations.

Drive your appetite to attend three thought-provoking days of the conference in the most vibrant city of Melbourne and explore the truly diverse and multicultural beauty with the bustling atmosphere of luscious parks, top restaurants, great shops and rich culture which cannot be explained, as it has to be experienced.

How To Participate:

Renewable Energy Network in Australia

  • Australian Energy Regulator(AER)
  • Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA)
  • Australian Solar Council
  • Australian Energy Storage Council
  • Australian PV Institute
  • Climate Council
  • Climate Change Authority
  • Electric Vehicle Council
  • Australian Solar Thermal Energy Association (AUSTELA)
  • Australian Geothermal Energy Association (AGEA)
  • Australian Photovoltaic Institute (APVI)
  • Bioenergy Australia
  • Biofuels Association of Australia (BAA)
  • Bureau of Resource and Energy Economics (BREE)
  • Industry Capability Network (ICN)
  • Clean Energy Council (CEC)
  • Smart Energy Council
  • Energy Efficiency Council (EEC)

Renewable Energy Industries in Australia

  • Sims Metal Management Ltd
  • Hydro Tasmania
  • Origin Energy
  • CSIRO-Energy
  • EnviroMission
  • CleanTeQ
  • Infigen Energy
  • Mission Newenergy
  • Anaeco
  • GreatCell Solar
  • Quantum Energy
  • Rainbow Power Company
  • Pacific Hydro
  • snowy hydro limited
  • solahart
  • Pacific Energy
  • australian renewable fuels
  • Petratherm
  • Torrens Energy
  • Kuth Energy
  • Pacific Environment
  • Carnegie Wave Energy

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