Nasir Mahmood

Nasir Mahmood

Vice Chancellor Fellow, RMIT University, Melbourne

Title: Nanoengineeirng-Enabled Advanced Electrode and Catalyst Materials for Energy Conversion and Storage

Nasir Mahmood is a Vice-Chancellor Fellow in the School of Engineering at RMIT University. His research interests include chemical designing and synthesis of advanced materials and their heterostructures for sustainable society, especially in energy (storage and conversion), environment (wastewater treatment and microwave absorption), and health (early disease detection and drug delivery).

He obtained his PhD with distinction in Materials Science and Engineering from Peking University, China in 2015. His early career began at the University of Wollongong, Australia (2015-16) followed by securing a research fellow position at Tianjin University, China (2016-17) and RMIT University (2017-19). He co-founded a Centre of Micro-Nano Functional Materials and Devices, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China in Sichuan, currently he is an honorary member of the group. He has serving as editor-in-chief, guest editors and editorial board member of several journals. Based on his innovative work, he has been awarded with several distinctive awards including one of the most prestigious award of China named as “Beijing Science and Technology Award”.

Nasir’s team also initiated the development of 2D heterostructures to integrate nanoscale and microscale features in one structure, boosting surface reactions for catalytic water-splitting, supercapacitors and diffusion limits in batteries.